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Women Influencing Now
Winning Women brings together the most successful women to contribute their time, talents and financial resources to make areas a better place to live and work. Winning Women contributes to the economic development and reinforces the area's position as a desirable community in which women can build successful careers, businesses and family lives.

Education and Mentoring:
Winning Women works to foster economic growth and provide leadership in developing and supporting our future workforce. Winning Women offers interested, motivated women in college, entering the work force, or established in their occupations opportunities to meet and learn about available career options. This would include entrepreneurship and advancing their professions through mentorships, speaking engagements, and instructions to interact first hand with active, successful female executives. Education and mentoring opportunities focus on traditional and non-traditional occupations and apprenticeships in the private and public sectors.

Political Inroads:
Winning Women supports women's visions, voices and priorities related to critical economic and social issues by creating unique opportunities for education, involvement and leadership in the political arenas. Winning Women provides elected and appointed officials a unique resource, including access to information and important connections and introductions to female business leaders.

Winning Women creates alliances and brings together financial and other resources of corporate women executives, women business owners and elected and appointed government officials to create new opportunities for business growth, profitability and economic development. In addition, Winning Women offers opportunities to share both the benefits and costs of first-class business activities, such as entertainment, cultural and sporting events.

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